Coiling Machinery

Fortuna Federn specializes in crafting an extensive spectrum of machinery tailored for the Spring Coiling Industry. Our product range encompasses Spring Coilers, Spring Lathe Coilers for either Cold or Hot Coiling, Double Torsion Spring Coiling, Wire Bending, Spring Trimming, Spring End Grinding, Spring Looping, Power Reels and specialized non-standard equipment engineered to address distinct and unique spring manufacturing needs.



Replacement Parts & Custom Tooling

Fortuna Federn extends replacement parts and standard tooling support for your current Fortuna Federn spring manufacturing machinery. To reach out, kindly get in touch with our exclusive North American distributor, Coiling Equipment, including the details of your machine’s model number, serial number, and a comprehensive description of the particular part or tooling you require. We can provide Custom Tooling for our coiling machines, looping machines and bending machines. Our unwavering commitment is to provide you with precisely what’s essential to boost your machine’s productivity.